Currently Kayobe supports the following Operating Systems:

  • CentOS 7.3

To avoid conflicts with python packages installed by the system package manager it is recommended to install Kayobe in a virtualenv. Ensure that the virtualenv python module is available on the control host. For example, on CentOS:

$ yum install -y python-virtualenv


This guide will describe how to install Kayobe from source in a virtualenv. First, obtain the Kayobe source code. For example:

$ git clone

Create a virtualenv for Kayobe:

$ cd kayobe
$ virtualenv kayobe-venv

Activate the virtualenv and update pip:

$ source kayobe-venv/bin/activate
(kayobe-venv) $ pip install -U pip

Install Kayobe and its dependencies using the source code checkout:

(kayobe-venv) $ pip install .

Finally, deactivate the virtualenv:

(kayobe-venv) $ deactivate