Welcome to Kayobe’s documentation!



Deployment of Scientific OpenStack using OpenStack kolla.

Kayobe is an open source tool for automating deployment of Scientific OpenStack onto a set of bare metal servers. Kayobe is composed of Ansible playbooks, a python module, and makes heavy use of the OpenStack kolla project. Kayobe aims to complement the kolla-ansible project, providing an opinionated yet highly configurable OpenStack deployment and automation of many operational procedures.


  • Heavily automated using Ansible
  • kayobe Command Line Interface (CLI) for cloud operators
  • Deployment of a seed VM used to manage the OpenStack control plane
  • Configuration of physical network infrastructure
  • Discovery, introspection and provisioning of control plane hardware using OpenStack bifrost
  • Deployment of an OpenStack control plane using OpenStack kolla-ansible
  • Discovery, introspection and provisioning of bare metal compute hosts using OpenStack ironic and ironic inspector
  • Virtualised compute using OpenStack nova
  • Containerised workloads on bare metal using OpenStack magnum
  • Big data on bare metal using OpenStack sahara

In the near future we aim to add support for the following: